Leadfoot Racing have the capabilities to make, recreate or repair hard to come by parts. In our workshop we are able to handle most fabrication needs including manifolds, exhausts and roll cages.


With a fully equipped fabrication shop we can carry out all forms of welding be it TIG, MIG, MMA or Gas. We can cut away and restore rusted body panels or replace with brand new panels.


Leadfoot Racing can undertake everything from basic inspections and annual service work through to engine swaps, methanol injection and turbo installations. No project is too big or too small.

Multiple Magazine Featured Builds!

Here at Leadfoot Racing we have worked on a so many fascinating projects, many of which have gone on to be featured in performance and motorsport magazines.


Ed & Chris

    positive review  amazing bunch of guys who do amazing work. couldn't be more happy with what they've done for me and my car over the past couple of years. I've got an awesome car and gained a couple of friends along the way. thanks guys 😘

    Matt Pickford Avatar Matt Pickford
    August 29, 2018


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