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‘-4AN nozzle holder



Custom nozzle holder? Is it really that important? Yes it is. Controlling the fluid creating less turbulence is important. And low profile nozzle holders being made in the USA while others use “sourced” products. Our methanol injection nozzle holders don’t have swivels built in them to leak. From the -4 an threads that saves you from buying another fitting.

Innovative Design. The inside passages being machined so the fluid does not come into contact with internal threads before entering the nozzles. “Less fluid turbulence.” Made from lightweight aluminum and anodized black for a nice looking finish. These are also 100% compatible with Methanol and Ethanol. These will sit 1” lower than others nozzle holders.

Application. These nozzle holders will work with all methanol injection company’s nozzle that accepts a 1/8NPT thread nozzles. The inlet side is -4 an end. The front threads are also 1/8npt and can be mounted in most all intakes without any adapters. Don’t compromise, expect the best. DevilsOwn Injection

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