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Drift Tyre Cooler Kit




Tyre cooler

  • Sick of your drift tyres only lasting a short time and delaminating very quickly then cool them down with water. On average tyres cooled by spraying a very very fine mist of water on to them last at least 15% longer, we recommend spraying the tyres at least every 3 laps. The system is a must for anyone giving passenger rides or instructing as it’ll cut down tyre cost, the need to be changing wheels/tyres as often giving you more seat time. Tyre water spraying isn’t a new thing either, Ryusuke Kawasaki’s pink JZX90 uses one, he’s the editor of Drift Tengoku magazine… he’s probably the most ‘out there’ for different setups in Japan (his 90 is auto and NOS’d). !The Devils Water Injection System is currently in use on the some of the fastest vehicles around, it has applications in drag, drift and circuit racing as well as on the street.

    Don’t buy a knock-of brand kit with cheap parts for you beloved car, that will sooner rather than later fail, normally when you need it most. Our pump can run 100% methanol or alcohol as it’s chemical resistant or run dry without getting damaged with its EPDM /Nylon valves, Santoprene diaphragm, and adjustable peek pressure from 150 to 300psi. It can also prime itself up to 8ft, so unlike others it doesn’t have to be gravity feed making a lot easier to mount, very handy when space is an issue. This kit only uses the highest quality parts.

    This kit utilizes a simple on/off toggle switch for activation to keep cost down.


    Many people ask ‘Does the kit come with a tank’, No, the simple reason for this is 90% of people just use the cars std windscreen washer bottle, Although we do tanks so feel free to check our tanks section.

    This kit will fit any vehicle and is completely universal.


    Kit Contents

    • Genuine Shurflo Pump [300psi] 5/64″
    • On/Off toggle switch
    • 15′ of High Pressure Black Tubing
    • T fitting
    • 2 x Nozzle Holders
    • 2 x Large Mist Nozzles
    • Check Valve (Anti Syphon valve)
    • filtered self sealing tank tap
    • All fittings needed for installation
    • Inline Fuse Holder with 10 amp fuse
    • 10′ of red and black wire
    • Zip ties and wire splices and connectors
    • stickers.



    Fitting service available

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