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Inline filter



Innovative Design. The DevilsOwn Inline filter solves the issue of a clogged methanol injection system. By capturing and getting rid of the debris, the filter helps extend the life of your system components.


Race Proven Performance. DevilsOwn Inline filters don’t need any extra fittings to install.  This creates two less spot to leak.  These can also flow up to 45gph of nozzle size.


Heavy Duty Quality. Our In Line Filter is made of black 20% glass filled polypropylene. With a large T304 stainless steel wire cloth that has a 40 micron filtering capability.


Mounting. Strainers may be mounted in any orientation providing that they are adequately supported to protect from undue stress and vibration. Methanol Filters are very simple to install just cut your tubing and place each end directly into our filter.


Application. These Inline filter can be used on any water/ methanol system using ¼” OD tubing.  Don’t compromise, expect the best. DevilsOwn Injection

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