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Y union instant fitting



These Y split instant fittings can be used to connect our 1/4″ hose to 2 other 1/4″ hose runs. This is perfect for taking an existing run and adding another for another nozzle or for a pressure gauge. These are for our 1/4″ hose that we sell. We can not guarantee these working with other hose.

Devilsown instant fittings install easily on the hose without the need for clamps or ferrules–just push hose into the fitting. So easy, it can be done with one hand. You can also easily remove the tubing, just by pressing the release portion of the fitting while pulling the tubing. So these are completely reusable. They are completely compatible with methanol and will not rot from the inside out. The NPT threads come with TFE already applied, for a water tight seal.

We stock many other sizes not show contact us for more info.

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