Water/Methanol Injection Installation

What is Water/Meth Injection?

The primary reason people want water methanol injection is to prevent this nasty little thing called “detonation” or “knock.” Detonation is when fuel and air will ignite too soon in the ignition cycle, causing forces to expand in the combustion chamber. During detonation, the piston is still traveling on its upward stroke, but with the forces trying to push it back down, the energy is transferred and causes numerous effects, such as piston damage in the form of “piston slap,” where the energy forces the piston against the cylinder walls, and broken pistons and piston rings can occur.

Water has a high latent heat content, which makes it extremely effective at preventing the onset of detonation. In addition, water injection reduces the production of NOx (oxides of nitrogen). Methanol, with its 116 octane and high flash point, additionally reduces the chances of detonation. While water is not combustible, it has a greater capacity to cool the intake air temps more than methanol alone. This is why we recommend a 50/50 mixture being misted into your boosted engine. Methanol effectively increases the octane rating of the fuel, allowing performance gains when used in supercharged and turbocharged applications.

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Core Benefits:

  • Increased horsepower safely by 10-15%
  • Lowered air temperatures by 50-200+ degrees
  • Decreased cylinder temperatures up to 300 degrees
  • Reduced effects of heat soak in warmer climates
  • Allowable running of more boost and timing safely
  • Reduced carbon and assistance maintaining a clean combustion chamber
  • Increased octane at user programmable boost levels