Rust Repair & Restoration

Rust Repairs and Chassis Restoration:

With a fully equipped fabrication shop, we can carry out all forms of welding be it TIG, MIG, MMA or Gas. This allows us to cut away and restore rusted body panels or recreate hard to come by parts.

Rust on classic and vintage cars, especially pre 2000 Japanese cars has long been one of the major problems with both maintenance and full restoration jobs. When tackling rust restoration jobs we want to tackle the whole problem and not leave issues that will cause more problems down the road.

We cover anything required to restore your vehicle including floor plates, body panels, interiors and the all important rust removal and treatment. We’ve restored many cars with rust issues over the years including our own!

Sand Blasting:

We also have a sand blasting unit on site that allows us to easily restore smaller components like suspension arms, brake callipers, radiator mounts and more by removing all the rust and grime ready for them to get re-coated.

Case Study:

The bellow is a customers 1st generation MR2 that we have restored a lot of rust on.