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Sinning is Winning: Performance VW Feature

IMG 20191103 135521 e1615722440623 - Leadfoot Racing Custom Fabrication & Modifications Workshop

Performance VW  have just done a large, seven page feature on Ryan’s Corrado! This once subtle looking VW Coupe has been transformed into something that is ready to take on a zombie apocalypse. It came to us as a work in progress already sporting the rust look but in need of an array of mad fabrication work. Of course we then gave it some tweaks under the bonnet.

IMG 20191103 135552 e1572789894422 - Leadfoot Racing Custom Fabrication & Modifications Workshop

“It’s rusty, it’s eight inches wider than it used to be, and it’s got a diesel engine protruding from it’s bonnet. Ryan Hatcher’s Vegas-inspired Corrado G60 might be viewed as the epitome of sacrilege to some, but in our eyes it’s one of the most badass VWs around…” Sam Preston

Grab the October 2019 edition of Performance VW and check out the great write up and photoshoot or read our write up on the project here.

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