Custom Exhausts & Manifold Fabrication

Custom Exhausts:

Leadfoot Racing are a stainless steel exhaust specialist! Offering custom built exhaust solutions fabricated straight onto the vehicle, usually via a same day service.

With a fully equipped fabrication shop, we can carry out all forms of welding be it TIG, MIG, MMA, or Gas and we have built hundreds of exhausts over the last couple of years. Let us build your new exhaust to your exact requirements. Our services include full custom exhaust systems, cat back, back box (silencer, muffler) replacement, sound modification, new tailpipes, and exhaust repair. Unlike an off-the-shelf exhaust, our fabricated exhaust service puts you, the customer, in the driving seat of the buying experience to get the sound, look, and performance that you as an individual desire. Custom-made, stainless steel exhausts are LFR’s specialty. They are built with high-quality, universal exhaust components. With the talent and expertise to build for every single vehicle on the market.

Custom Manifolds:

Leadfoot Racing is also capable and experienced in producing custom intake and exhaust manifolds. This service includes manifold repairs but it usually sought after for custom turbo conversions and installation as it allows us to free up room in the engine bay with different pipe routing whilst accounting for turbocharger placements. We can design and make high-performance exhaust manifolds to suit anything from a modern road car or bike, vintage cars, to full race-winning tuned length manifolds and full systems!

Approximate Pricing

Please get in touch or visit us to get a more accurate quote, but the below is a fairly accurate from price.

Full Exhaust Systems


This covers full custom systems but not including manifold work. This covers tips, catalysts and silencers.

Custom Manifold Fabrication


Cost for Exhaust and Intake Manifolds vary most due to different vehicles, number of cylinders, engine bay room etc…

Cat Delete


Obviously this services is for track cars that aren’t registered for road use as it will not pass an MOT and is illegal.

Back Box Delete


This is where we remove a back box or resonator to improve the exhaust sound. This is perfectly legal on road cars.

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