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Tony’s 800+ HP Single Turbo BMW M4

dsc03268 min - Leadfoot Racing Custom Fabrication & Modifications Workshop

Davy from DRIVEN automotive media came down to the LFR yard last week on behalf of our friends Ramair Filters to take some shots of this monster that we have created.

Check out the walk around below:

After having previously had a twin-turbo setup, Tony came to us looking for a single-turbo conversion to increase reliability and cope with big power. The larger M4 was much easier to work on than the 1-series that we have done a lot of these conversions with.

The project included installing a large G35 900 turbo from the Garrett G-Series range along with bespoke ancillaries that we fabricated, including boost pipes, inlet manifold, screamer pipe and exhaust. We also included a Devils Own water methanol kit, plus Turbosmart wastegate. The beauty of this setup is that it allows the turbo to be mounted low down, so there’s no need to modify the front panel or cut any metalwork to fit a top-mounted snail. As far as we’re aware, this is one of the only conversions like this in the UK. Ramair cone filter was of course chosen for its ability to flow very high volumes of air and it fits neatly in the engine bay. 

dsc03392 min - Leadfoot Racing Custom Fabrication & Modifications Workshop

Expect to see more from this monster once it’s finished being tuned on the Dyno and is road going.

Read Ramairs detailed write up here:

Additional credits go to ES Distinguished Detailing for giving the M4 a great tidy up and detail in preparation for this shoot.

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